Our Partners


HHDR Mold Remediation Program

Clearstream is a multi-dimensional and diversified provider of products and services that combine disciplines not usually found under one roof. Clearstream operates in Charlotte, North Carolina and has partner run operations in Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Clearstream's environmentally safe, corrective, and long term protective solutions employ advanced antimicrobial formulations in the fight against microbial cross contamination, staining, odors and rot. Clearstream is introducing EPA registered antimicrobial products and products that contain EPA registered active antimicrobial technologies that are environmentally safe, non-toxic and tough. HHDR's partnership with Clearshream allows us to provide residents with the most effect mold remediation process available, free of cost to the resident. 

The Mold Remediation Process

HHDR has partnered with Clearstream's service technicians to perform their eradication and structural treatments of mold. Our volunteers have been trained and certified by the Clearstream technicians so that we may provide residents of NJ with the highest quality of service available. Our clients can rest assured knowing that the level of service provided is backed up with a 3 year product warranty. After the eradication and removal process of the microorganisms is complete, Clearstream's final treatment application is a Bio-Static antimicrobial that covalently bonds to the surface it's applied to. This final antimicrobial treatment imparts a durable electromechanical barrier that encapsulates the surface and will remain active for as long as the integrity of the surface itself is maintained.

For more information about the Clearstream line of products HHDR will use to conduct mold remediation, please click here.